One-on-One Literacy Program
Of Wythe and Grayson Counties, Inc.
An Accredited Affiliate of Pro-Literacy America "Reach Out and Teach Someone"

What is One-on-One?
Since 1987, One-on-One has been helping adults in Wythe and Grayson Counties learn to read and write, or to improve their reading and writing skills. Math and computer skills are also taught. The mission of the One-on-One Literacy Program is to empower residents of Wythe and Grayson Counties by providing opportunities to achieve independence through literacy.

Board Chairperson, Mike Hall receives a plaque from Joan Bolduc, Program Director.

Front row left to right: Anne "B" Crockett-Stark, Cornelia Northrop, Hurley Hudson and Harry Glesk.
Back row left to right: Mike Hall, Deborah Stone, Lola Coleman, Shirley Gordon, Gloria Price and
Marie Martin.

Who can participate?
Any adult who lives in Wythe or Grayson Counties and needs assistance with reading, writing, math, or computer skills.

Does it cost anything?
NO! All materials, books, and tutoring are free.

How does it work?
The director of the literacy program introduces tutors and students who typically meet twice a week in a private, confidential location. Tutoring is offered on a one-to one, confidential basis. All tutors are certified through Pro-Literacy America after completing a special training.

How can you help?
Volunteer to teach someone to read.
Encourage someone who cannot read to seek help.
Speak to members of your church and civic organizations about literacy.

Judy Taminger from Smyth County, presents a tutor training class at the
Wytheville Training School Cultural Center. Judy is a certified Pro-Literacy America trainer.

Some Statistics:
There are close to 7,000 people in Wythe and Grayson Counties, ages 25 and over with less than a 9th grade education. Many are in need of tutoring.

14.2% of the adult population of Wythe County, and 18% of the adult population of Grayson County are functionally illiterate.

The operations of the One-on-One Literacy Program are overseen by the members of the Board of Directors. These individuals represent Wythe and Grayson Counties.

The 2006-2007 members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

Wythe County Members:
Mrs. Herley Hudson, Board Chair, retired teacher and One-on-One Literacy Program tutor.
Mrs. Marie Martin, Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Program teacher.
Mrs. Cornelia Northrop, retired teacher and One-on-One Literacy Program tutor.

Current Wythe County Board of Directors from left to right: Nini Northrop, Hurley Hudson and Marie Martin.

Grayson County Members:
Mrs. Lola Coleman, Mount Rogers Regional Adult Education Program teacher.
Mr. Harry Glesk, Elk Creek Valley Volunteer Rescue Squad.
Mrs. Gloria Price, Signs Work.

The members of the Board meet bi-monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at the Speedwell Elementary School Library.

The One-on-One Literacy Program is a non-profit, tax exempt program. Your tax deductible donations are very much appreciated.

Joan Bolduc, Program Director
Wytheville Training School Cultural Center
410 East Franklin Street
Wytheville, Virginia 24382
Telephone: 276-228-5225