Professor Donald C. Wingo

Professor Donald C. Wingo Professor Donald C. Wingo was born in Richmond, Virginia, on May 26, 1903, and came to the Wytheville Training School in 1929. He was instrumental in adding a library to the school and also responsible for making other improvements to the school such as beneficial plays, programs and more recreation for the children. He was also responsible for awarding high school certificates as far as the eighth grade. Miss Fannie Childs and Mrs. Ruth Wingo the wife of Professor Wingo were the instructors to make up the staff at the school. During Wingo’s term the tenth grade was added. He remained at the school until 1935. After six years of professorship at the Wytheville Training School, Donald Wingo accepted the position as Assistant Director of Recreation for the city of Norfolk, Virginia. He was the Vice-President of the Virginia Recreation Society and the first African-American to serve on the Board of Directors. At a meeting at the Hotel Roanoke on May 5 and 7, 19_?_, Harry Paxton replaced Wingo as Vice-President. He died in Norfolk, Virginia in November 1982. Nothing more is known about Professor Donald C. Wingo.